Trapped in a Shell
by Leto

How I hate my form. How I hate it.

Like all psychic Pokemon, I have much intelligence. Unlike others, though, that is not respected. How can I communicate that to them? When I try, they just ask stupid things like "oh no, what's wrong?" or worse, patronise me.

They condescend me always. Speak to me like I'm a baby. I guess to them, I am.

Because I'm a new species, nobody knows anything about me, and I don't even know anything about myself. No other Pokemon can really understand me.

How can you be a new species anyway? You would have to be... always there.

Will I evolve? That's what I really want to know. Will I evolve into anything that will make people respect me? This body my mind is trapped in, I hate it. I want to use the power I feel in me, but I think it would kill me.

So, they think I'm weak. They think I'm cute. I wouldn't mind that, except... there's no way to prove them wrong. I'd rather be a Magikarp than what I am. Magikarp, at least, are treated with respect because their trainers know that one day, they'll become one of the strongest...

Let me out! I haven't hatched yet! I want to be of worth!

An egg represents new life. A life trapped.

Are any Pokemon truly happy?


Togepi began to cry. Misty picked it up and held it to her, comforting...

"It's okay, little Togepi," she whispered, tickling it under the chin, "You're a cute little thing, I know you can be brave." She held it up and spoke to it in baby talk.

Togepi cried harder.

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